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About Nelson Knox

Hello there! 

My name is Nelson Knox, and I’m a 37-year-old lizard grower from Oklahoma.

I live with my girlfriend Lillian and our 2 lizards, Ringo & Star, and we spend our days exploring their fascinating world. We love to watch them hunt for bugs, bask in the sun, and enjoy life generally!

Before you ask yourself, yes, my girlfriend’s into lizards too!

Ever since I saw my first garden lizard as a child, I have been fascinated by these amazing creatures so much that most of my life has been devoted to exploring their world.

My parents were so inspired by my dedication that they gave me the gift of Mr. Kite, my first pet lizard, on my 9th birthday! This experience further ignited my passion for learning about lizards and their behaviors, foods, habitats, and more.

Now I spend most of my time researching different types of lizards, learning their habits and behaviors, creating habitats for them to live in, and breeding different species. Sometimes, my girlfriend and I do lizard projects together.

I am also committed to sharing my knowledge with others so they can enjoy these incredible animals too!

From beginner’s guides on how to get started keeping lizards as pets to in-depth articles exploring the lives of wild lizard species, I strive to provide useful information that will help people care for these animals properly.

I also take great pleasure in breeding specific species of lizards for the pet trade. I aim to provide my customers with quality lizards that are healthy and well cared for.

My goal is to share my knowledge and passion for these creatures with those who are interested in learning more about them. 

So if you’re looking for information on lizards or need advice on caring for your own pet lizard, feel free to reach out!


Thanks for reading!

Until next time, keep exploring the world of lizards.



Nelson Knox

A lizard’s friend