How to get rid of iguanas without hurting them

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What are some humane ways to get rid of iguanas from my property?

Iguanas can be quite pesky, but there are humane ways to keep them off your property. The first is to make the area less appealing and less hospitable to them by removing decking or adding fencing over open spaces; you may also want to cover areas of your property such as rock walls or exposed pipes with netting to prevent them from getting behind it.

Additionally, plants like lavender and citrus can be effective deterrents since they don’t like the strong scent. To get rid of existing iguanas, try natural repellents such as playing loud music near their hideouts, which can drive them away; however, if that doesn’t do the trick, using traps is a humane option.

Once these animals have been successfully trapped, make sure you release them away from your home in an area with plenty of resources so that they can re-establish themselves. Ultimately, preventing future intrusions or getting rid of existing iguanas humanely is possible as long as you’re proactive.

Can I use repellents to keep iguanas away from my garden?

Repellents can be an effective way to keep iguanas away from your garden if used correctly. Natural repellents like garlic and pepper products, eggs, or water sprays with putrid smells work best. Synthetic insecticides may carry heat-activated components which keep iguanas from settling in certain areas of your garden.

Ultrasonic devices also provide a solution but their effectiveness is debatable as many argue that iguanas are unaffected by them. Avoid using any animal-based products as they can harm the surrounding environment and other wildlife creatures. Setting up physical barriers, like fences and nets for plants, may also reduce the risk of iguanas invading your space.

How effective are ultrasonic devices in deterring iguanas?

One of the newer methods for deterring iguanas is the use of ultrasonic devices. These devices emit a sound that is higher in frequency than humans can hear and are said to irritate and scare away iguanas. While some swear by them, their effectiveness may be quite limited.

Since the sound may not bother an iguana that has grown accustomed to its presence—or any iguana at all—it’s important to find other ways to keep them away from your property as well. That being said, if you just want a little bit of help in getting rid of iguanas the ultrasonic device could be worth a shot!

Is it possible to trap iguanas and release them elsewhere without causing harm?

Iguanas are some of the most fascinating creatures around, and releasing them into their native habitats without causing them any harm is essential. To ensure the humane trapping of iguanas, certain criteria must be taken into consideration. First and foremost, proper equipment must be used to capture them.

Additionally, there needs to be a considerable amount of research performed to find locations of suitable habitats fit for releasing the iguanas. If done correctly and with ample care, it is possible to effectively trap iguanas and release them elsewhere without causing any harm or stress. With the right tools and knowledge, people can make sure these brilliant animals have a chance at thriving in their natural home environment.

Are there any natural predators of iguanas that can help control their population?

Many people might be surprised to learn that mature iguanas do have predators in the wild! Several different species of birds, such as turkey vultures, herons, and eagles will take advantage of young iguanas or even attack an adult when they can. In addition to these birds, large cats like jaguars eat iguanas whenever the opportunity presents itself.

However, these events all occur naturally in the environment and while some populations might become more scarce due to predation, it’s highly unlikely that these predator interactions alone could serve as an effective population control measure.

Can professional pest control services help me remove iguanas from my property?

Professional pest control services can be a great way to deal with iguanas on your property. Whether one will do the trick is another story, but often it’s a good idea to lean on an expert in these situations before attempting to tackle the problem yourself. These professionals have specific strategies and tools they use to target iguanas, so you can rest assured knowing that their methods have been tried and tested.

They also have all the right materials and protective gear ready to go, which might come in handy if you want to get rid of those pesky lizards. If you’re trying to take matters into your own hands, then professional pest control is always there to give you a helping hand.


All in all, learning how to get rid of iguanas without hurting them is as easy as understanding their behavior and taking the correct preventive measures. You don’t need to use harmful or dangerous methods to get rid of them; simple things like trimming trees and plants, removing hiding spaces, installing fences, or trapping the iguanas can make all the difference. Going a step further and investing in products specifically designed for evicting these lizards from your property is also an option worth considering. And finally, if you feel uncertain about handling any of these steps by yourself, remember that there are plenty of pest control companies out there willing to help you with this daunting task! Keeping the peace between us and nature while managing our animal population responsibly should be everyone’s end game.

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