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If you love iguanas and are considering making one your emotional support animal, you might be wondering if it can provide the support you need. While iguanas aren’t exactly known for being cuddly, they can actually make great emotional support animals.

What is an emotional support animal?

An emotional support animal (ESA) is a type of therapeutic pet that can provide a person with comfort and companionship to help reduce symptoms related to mental and emotional health conditions. Unlike service animals, an ESA doesn’t require special training, but it must be prescribed by a licensed mental health professional to gain the same rights in public housing and air travel as service dogs.

It’s important to remember that an emotional support animal is not merely a pet – it can bring invaluable healing benefits to its companions. Their very presence can be calming and encourage healthy habits beneficially affecting mental wellness, in turn refreshing their companion’s spirit and providing a sense of ease during times of stress or struggle.

Are iguanas recognized as emotional support animals?

Iguanas are becoming increasingly popular as emotional support animals due to their calm and docile nature. However, it’s important to note that like any other type of pet, they require a significant amount of care and attention. From frequent vaccinations to regular visits to the vet, taking care of iguanas can be a demanding commitment – even more so when considering their hefty diet requirements.

Regardless, many people find that the companionship and love that comes with owning an iguana outweighs the grunt work, making them powerful sources of emotional support for those in need.

Can an iguana provide emotional support to its owner?

Many people think of iguanas as cold and aloof, but research shows that they can provide emotional support to their owners. With proper handling and training, iguanas can form strong bonds with humans that involve mutual respect, trust, and even affection.

They are very responsive to positive reinforcement and can become loyal companions who offer their owners a calming presence. This reveals an interesting level of intelligence in an animal that is often underestimated.

What are the benefits of having an iguana as an emotional support animal?

Iguanas can make amazing emotional support animals. Due to their gentle and calm personalities, they often prove to help provide comfort and companionship to those who may be feeling overwhelmed or stressed in life. There are numerous therapeutic benefits to having an iguana as an emotional support animal; simply petting them has been known to be incredibly soothing and relaxing.

With their natural curiosity, Iguanas have been known to form strong bonds with humans, further increasing the benefits of having them around. What’s more, iguanas require minimal care, so the responsibility of caring for them won’t add extra stress or responsibility on top of that which is already present in our lives. All in all, having an iguana as an emotional support animal is a great way to provide yourself some company, create a stronger bond with a companionable creature, and improve your mental well-being overall!

What are the requirements for having an iguana as an emotional support animal?

Having an iguana – or any animal, really – as an emotional support animal is not something to take lightly. While in theory, it can be beneficial from a mental health perspective, the reality of welcoming a pet into the home must still be taken into consideration. For example, iguanas require proper and consistent care: they need to be kept in specific habitats with access to natural light, and even then they require regular misting, fresh vegetables at least every other day, and specialized nutrition and supplements.

They can grow up to five feet long and live anywhere between 10-15 years while requiring large enclosures – so think before committing! Additionally, speaking with a doctor or licensed mental health professional can help clarify whether something as grandiose as an iguana (or any animal) would best serve one’s emotional well-being.

Can iguanas be trained to perform tasks as emotional support animals?

Have you ever wanted a pet Lizard that could be trained to do things like a faithful companion? Well, if the thought has crossed your mind, iguanas might just be the answer. Though they are known to be quite unpredictable creatures, there have been reports of people training them to be emotional support animals.

While it can take patience and determination, these reptiles can learn behaviors and even come when called by name. Not only that, but they’re able to offer comfort and love just like any furry pet. So if you’re looking for a unique pet that is capable of doing more than just snuggling, an iguana may be worth considering!


To sum it up, the question of whether iguanas can be emotional support animals is both complex and nuanced. While there are many factors to consider when determining eligibility for an ESA, such as species compatibility and health concerns, having an iguana as an ESA is possible. If you’re looking into having an iguana as your ESA, ensure that your local laws accept them, research all the pros and cons, speak with a behavioral specialist before committing to one, and get regular checkups for your reptile friend to ensure its well-being. Ultimately, if done correctly and with all necessary precautions taken, you may have yourself a friendly new addition to your family that can provide some much-needed emotional support.

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